Samsung Galaxy S8 with Oreo and Nougat

While users of Samsung expect a final and stable version of Android 8 Oreo for the Galaxy S8 and Note 8, there are others already testing the new software in their beta Samsung for flagship. Now we see comparison between Samsung Galaxy S8 with Oreo. This is extra with Android 7 Nougat.

At the beginning of the month of November, Samsung announced the start of the beta for Android 8 Oreo for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, dates that are repeated almost every year, resulting in the release of the new version by Christmas.

Samsung Galaxy S8 with Oreo or Nougat which is faster?

I don’t know but almost equal and regardless of the operating system, you have the feeling that each upgraded software to a new version; these devices are gradually losing part of their performance and this is why we wanted to check the video we saw today, posted on YouTube by Xeetechcare, comparing the speed of a Samsung Galaxy S8 with Android 8 Oreo, in beta, with Samsung Galaxy S8 + with Android 7 Nougat, the latest stable version of which both terminals are currently enjoyed.

As you can see on the left is a Galaxy S8 with Oreo and on the right the Galaxy S8 + with Nougat, something which is obvious because of the size of both terminals. As in other speed tests we see how running different apps and functions in the two mobile phones at the same time, and eye thumb we can see which of the two mobile phones is faster running them. Without being anything scientific, you can see that in general the Samsung Galaxy S8 with Android 8 Oreo installation is faster than the version with Nougat.

Samsung Galaxy S8 with Oreo and Nougat

It is not an exaggerated difference, but enough to be appreciable. It is evident that there is still at least one month to make this beta follow polishing its failure, but it certainly seems an excellent base which we saw in the video, these terminals improve performance substantially. In any case, and so it is clear in the video, which does not seem that the high speed in the Samsung Galaxy S8 with Oreo is going to be decisive in our day to day with the terminal, but obviously if so, thanks for a boost in performance.

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