Krom, the gaming peripherals manufacturer, has recently unveiled its new gamepad called Krom Key. According to the brand, this new peripheral has been designed for those gamers wanting a small improvement on precision and games’ playability from any angle, and it comes to dominate the battlefield.

Some say that a true gamer always finds reasons to play an old game again, whether it is because he already finished it or because he wants to relive the experiences that the game has given him. The Krom Key will allow you to enjoy your favorite games again in a completely different way than before, smashing your own records. Krom reinvents the way you play games thanks to this gamepad on which the brand has poured all of its know-how gotten from the gamer peripherals segment.

The Krom Key sports an ergonomic design that turns it into the perfect weapon for long game sessions. The neat ergonomics of its curves will allow the user to spend more time playing without getting tired and uncomfortable prematurely, which is something that has quickly ruined so many good game sessions. The main buttons’ layout has been carefully researched from the reports given by professional gamers.

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The buttons’ backlighting allows us to press them without making any mistakes

Its X, Y, A and B buttons are backlit with a 3D effect, making you wish it was night time to enjoy the Key’s full potential. The darkness will be your greatest ally, as it is thanks to it that users will get the best results when gaming seriously. It goes without saying that the buttons’ layout on the controller makes it the perfect option for both console and PC gamers.

Unlike many current controllers, the Krom Key is not wireless. It has a 1.8 m long cable that ends in a USB connector, which is something that is both good and bad. It is good because the USB connector will be helpful in terms of the gamepad’s compatibility across platforms. The manufacturer currently ensures compatibility with the PlayStation 3, Android from its 4.2 version onwards and PCs, of course. This is also good news because it means that we will not need to pay attention to any battery levels. However, it is bad because it will limit our freedom when using the controller.

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