Classic Add-Ons Archive is a new accessory for the web search engine Mozilla Firefox that can be better described as a local catalog of classic Firefox accessories. The current version of the catalog includes 16,706 Firefox accessories that the developers created in the last 14 years, based on XUL / XPCOM Firefox technology. The accessory can be installed in developing versions, and probably on other navigators based on the Firefox code also. It’s quite big, since it occupies more than 30 megabytes, but that’s justified because its a local file of Mozilla AMO.

Classic Add-Ons Archive

The Classic Add-Ons Archive accessory adds one single icon to the Firefox address bar that, when clicked, opens the file. The file more or less is the classic website for Mozilla accessories. We can navigate at a local level, which really accelerates the navigation. However, the downloaded accessories are not directly included in the accessory, since it would be impractical to do so.

The navigation is ultra fast and we can organize extensions using filters or categories. The search option is also incorporated and offers very fast results.

The current web downloads are directed to the Mozilla AMO website, but work is being done to create an independent repository for these accessories. This is necessary sense the accessories can be eliminated from Mozilla AMO frequently. This can be the case when developers eliminate extensions for example. It’s also not clear how Mozilla will gesture the inherited accessories in AMO once the change in exclusivity WebExtensions is complete.

It will abandon the system of inherited accessories

Like we already know, Mozilla will abandon the system of inherited accessories with the launch of Firefox 57. Firefox ESR will follow by mid 2018. What that means is that the users of Firefox will no longer be able to use or install the inherited accessories once their version of the navigator is updated to the 57th.

There is a change to enable the support the inherited accessories in Firefox, but it’s not really possible sene a lot of accessories will no longer work due to the eliminated components in Firefox.

The inherited accessories will deactivate automatically and can no longer be enabled.The only options users have is to install comparable extensions, if their available, or wait for the author of the accessory or another developer to publish a version based on the WebExtensions system.

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