Classic Add-Ons Archive, the catalog with all the accessories of Firefox


Classic Add-Ons Archive is a new accessory for the web search engine Mozilla Firefox that can be better described as a local catalog of classic Firefox accessories. The current version of the catalog includes 16,706 Firefox accessories that the developers created in the last 14 years, based on XUL / XPCOM Firefox technology. The accessory can be installed in developing versions, and probably on other navigators based on the Firefox code also. It’s quite big, since it occupies more than 30 megabytes, but that’s justified because its a local file of Mozilla AMO. Continue Reading

Do you know how to access the iPhone X’s multitasking?

iPhone X

As you already know, the iPhone X features new touch gestures to perform any action that we want due to the fact that the Home button was removed from this new phone. The truth is that we could actually perform a lot of functions, multitasking being one of them. This is why the people at Cupertino have created two alternatives that will allow us to use multitasking on the iPhone X in a simple way, and you will know how to do it if you keep on reading.

Although it is true that using multitasking on the iPhone X has become a fairly simple task to perform thanks to the new tactile gestures, said gestures do not make it easy to do it immediately. Continue Reading

Level up by playing with the Krom Key gamepad for PC

Krom, the gaming peripherals manufacturer, has recently unveiled its new gamepad called Krom Key. According to the brand, this new peripheral has been designed for those gamers wanting a small improvement on precision and games’ playability from any angle, and it comes to dominate the battlefield.

Some say that a true gamer always finds reasons to play an old game again, whether it is because he already finished it or because he wants to relive the experiences that the game has given him. The Krom Key will allow you to enjoy your favorite games again in a completely different way than before, smashing your own records. Krom reinvents the way you play games thanks to this gamepad on which the brand has poured all of its know-how gotten from the gamer peripherals segment. Continue Reading

RE9000: a new tri-band router from Linksys


Linksys’s new RE9000 is equipped with an integrated signal amplifier which uses 2 signal emission channels (each at a frequency of 5 GHz). The device claims to be able to eliminate signal dead zones and offers automatic upgrades.

Available beginning November 23rd

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