Zowie, the gaming-oriented sub-brand of the monitor manufacturer BenQ, just surprised everybody by launching two new Zowie mice. The new models, named EC1-B and EC2-B, are characterized by practically being the same mouse model, although both of them are meant for different hand sizes.

I think all of us already know the monitor brand BenQ, which, in my opinion, creates monitors with the best balance in terms of quality, performance and price point, and that are incredibly durable. For example, my wife has one of the brand’s monitors because I gave it to her as a gift five years ago, and after calibrating it with a colorimeter, she does not want to get rid of it due to how good it is.

Zowie is this Taiwanese manufacturer’s second sub-brand, although since its launching, this sub-brand has been focused more on peripherals aimed at the gamer market. Zowie has been really active on this market, launching everything from gaming desktop PCs to the most common peripherals such as monitors, keyboards, mice and so on.

The Zowie mice are precisely what I want to talk to you about in this article, specifically its two new models: the EC1-B and the EC2-B. These models may look simple, but internally they have a hardware that puts them at the top of this segment.

Zowie miceZowie miceZowie mice

The new Zowie mice share the internal hardware, the only difference is their external body

The new EC1-B and EC2-B are essentially the same mouse, but one of them is meant for users with medium-sized hands (EC2-B) and the other for large-sized hands (EC1-B). However, as ergonomic as these mice want to be, there are bad news for left-handed users, as these new Zowie mice have been designed to be exclusively used by right-handed users. This is a pretty curious move on the company’s part, as we are now seeing that most brands are starting to launch mice that can be used with both hands.

In terms of the mice’s internal hardware, both of them feature a Pixart PMW3360A sensor with a 3,200 DPI resolution. If this resolution seems low for mice intended for gaming, what would you think if I say that the mice only support other three resolutions (400, 800, 1,600 and 3,200 DPI) that cannot be adjusted to suit the user? What would you think of the fact that the button to change the sensor’s resolution is located at the bottom of the mice?

Well, if what I just told you horrified you, to tell you that the mice’s launching price will be $90 will surely horrify you even more.

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