The AOC Q3279VWF is a new monitor of large size and resolution that is now available on the Spanish market. It is perfect for gaming and for anything you do in general, and it offers great specifications if we take into account how affordable it is.

You already saw how the monitor market is doing thanks to our October monitors guide. Good panels are expensive and there is maybe an excessive focus on gaming, or rather on their marketing. Adding the word gaming to a monitor’s name apparently equals to a boost in sales (and prices), as it is a direct way to sell new monitors while also counterbalancing the OEM’s desktop PC market fall.

It is important to mention that not every user needs $1,000 gaming or professionals monitors, although if you need one and you have a big budget, there are real gems in both segments. Most users look for good multi-purpose monitors (as well as for gaming) with good-quality panels, a large size and resolution, and at a great price point.

This is why we love this AOC Q3279VWF, as it meets the aforementioned criteria. It sports a MVA panel that provides a major improvement over TN panels, even if it is not at the level of an IPS panel (in order to keep its price low). The improvement is in terms of image quality, viewing angles (178°), color depth (real 8-bit + FRC), WCG (Wide Color Gamut), an 88% coverage of the NTSC color gamut and a great static contrast ratio of 3,000:1.


Its size provides a great 31.5-inch diagonal and its native resolution goes up to 2K (2,560 x 1,440 pixels). As we were saying, this is not a gaming-specific monitor (AOC already has the AGON lineup for that segment), as it has a 5 ms response time and a 60 Hz refresh rate. However, it supports both AMD FreeSync, which eliminates input lag, screen tear and stuttering, and Flicker-Free technology, which uses a special backlight panel to improve users’ comfort during long sessions.


Another of this monitor’s highlight is its €269 price, which we think is really affordable given its specifications.

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